Jun 252016

Successful restaurants always branch out and expand in different parts of a locality, state, or country. It isn’t easy to expand, nor is it simple to manage a chain of restaurants. But if bigwigs like Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, Angela Hartnett, and Carrie Nahabedian can do it, so can you.

Here are 5 tips to ensure you efficiently manage and run your chain of restaurants.

1. Maintain uniform taste and quality

The reason a lot of people eat at an established food joint is the taste and quality of food which remains the same no matter where they are eating. Similarly, you need to have a good menu in place to maintain the same taste across your restaurants. If customers find different tastes in different places, it will affect the credibility of your business.

2. Develop a trustworthy relationship with customers

Customers are the judge and jury of your restaurant. Their experience will matter the most when it comes to building a business. Train your staff in handling customers and ensuring they leave your restaurant with a positive experience. Take feedback often and include their suggestions wherever necessary. Customers will, thus, understand you value their patronage and visit more often.

3. Automate your sales and services

It is important you are able to view and analyze the workings of your restaurant at any given time. Automate your restaurant using a point-of-sales system which will help you track inventory, provides a secure payment gateway, lets you view historical data, and ease the flow of service during working hours. You are also able to pull reports with the latest data for audits and improvements.

4. Keep track of your inventory

Food is a perishable commodity with different foods having a different shelf life. You have to make sure the food in your restaurant is prepared with fresh produce and properly stored products. Therefore, your stock has to be reviewed on a regular basis. Use the point-of-sales system for inventory management which will notify you in case a product is running low. It will also keep track of items which are in high or low demand allowing you to replace them accordingly.

Take a look at the business models of chains such as McDonald’s, Subway, Applebee’s, Chipotle etc. and similarly, mold your business. Expanding your restaurant business is a challenge, especially if you are a novice who is breaking into the market. But if you take the necessary steps to efficiently manage multiple businesses then you can be quite successful at it.

Jun 142016

There are a number of online digital agencies in Singapore that offer services to upgrade and improve your SEO ranking on Google or any other search engine and help convert online traffic to your website into sales.

What is SEO marketing?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the speed or frequency at which your name or company’s name or website, etc. appears in the drop down list of ‘free’ search results when it is typed in any search engine like google and yahoo. If your website has a good or high SEO it will appear in the top two or three options when someone types in keywords that are related to your company website or business and this can greatly affect the amount of traffic visiting your website and the number of hits your company website gets. The more people visiting your website could mean more prospective clients or potential customers for your business or company.

Digital agencies in Singapore like Visibiliti use certain special strategies to help improve your SEO ranking. Some of them are –

Posting only relevant information or content that is related to your business page or website. This is so that customers or people visiting your website do not get lost or confused reading content or information that is irrelevant to your business. Publishing quality content is a major factor in increasing your SEO ranking.

Digital agencies will make sure to constantly update your website content and post news feeds, pictures and quotes from known people to help keep the customers engrossed and involved at all times. Keeping your website content fresh and updated is another major contributing factor to your SEO ranking.

They make sure to include quality title, description and keyword metadata. This information is vital when an interested party types in certain words into a search engine bar as it picks up these same words from your website metadata.

Digital agencies make sure to create relevant links within the text and use alt tags to describe your website’s audio and video media. They also use alternative text descriptions.

What is conversion strategy?

Digital agency Singapore like Visibiliti help convert online traffic to your website into prospective sales and returns on your investment. This is known as conversion strategy. They do this by replacing informative words with action-triggering words, simplifying the flow of your web page, implementing elements in the background of your web page that induce action, increasing perceived value, and incorporating call to action elements in your web page.

May 052016

It is unfortunate that man has forgotten how to live a life that is in synergy with nature. But of late, more and more number of people want to enjoy nature and so, they choose exotic locations for their vacations. Among a few places in the world that offer great opportunities to enjoy nature in all its glory, the Penguin Parade Island that is located about 90 Kms. from Melbourne stands out.

Beauty of wild life

If you plan your visit to this place, you can not only enjoy the beauty of nature but can realize how wild life can be fascinating. Especially, when you look at the little penguins during sunset and when they come back home, you will wonder whether you are living on this planet or in the paradise that mythological stories describe.

But for enjoying this scene to the fullest extent, you must plan the visit to this place according to the time calendar that provides you with the details of the return of the penguins.

At the Penguin Parade that is also called the Phillip Island Nature Parks, you can indulge in various other activities as well. Especially if you visit the place along with your family, you are certain to enjoy them because almost all these activities are all family-friendly.

Buy some souvenirs

You can visit the souvenir shop as well as the cafe at the island. You can have a relaxed walk along the boardwalks and reach the beach. During these walks, you will be able to sight some of the penguins that may be resting even during daytime. Of course, a number of young penguins will be returning home when the sun sets.

Even if you decide to have a stroll along the rugged coastline of the place, you will be able to sight fur seals, whales, etc. also. The Swan Lake that is located before the entrance of the Penguin Parade will provide you with the opportunity of sighting various types of birds. Especially, if you are an avid bird watcher, you cannot afford to miss this activity. Of course, even if you are not a bird watcher, the sight of many rare birds will certainly excite you.

If you have surfing skills, you can surf to your heart’s content at Flynn’s Beach, Cat Bay or Summerland Bay. But if you have recently started surfing, you can try YCW or Smiths Beach.

In short, a visit to Penguins Parade will take you back to Mother Nature. That is the reason Penguin Parade in Melbourne is considered a must-see place. You can go for Melbourne airport to city transport to catch the Penguin parade.

May 032016

The maintenance of payroll is the most time-consuming activity in a company. The process of outsourcing the payroll activities involves choosing the appropriate payroll service providers. The cost associated with the payroll outsourcing and the laws involved with it also matter. The company would save the cost of maintaining a separate team inside their company and providing them with the training to keep them updated with the latest changes in the payroll systems.

Activities that are outsourced

The payroll, HR, and accounting are the activities that companies most often outsources. The top reasons why the companies should outsource their payroll activity are listed below.

The rules and laws pertaining to the payroll of employees change quite often. The PF percentages, benefits and the leaving taxes are all challenging factors. When the internal hiring increases, maintaining the internal payroll team becomes extremely challenging. To avoid these situations the companies should look to outsource these activities.

The payroll services Singapore offer great reporting outputs. The dedicated teams at the outsourced companies would continuously work out ways to improve the reports. In comparison, the internal teams require time to develop new ways of delivering the reports. The team at the outsourced company would be available to respond to your custom queries and would conduct meetings with your employees explaining the process they are following.

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The payroll outsourced companies offer the very basic to complex payroll activities for the different businesses. The dedicated teams ensure the salary for all the employees are calculated in time and reimbursed. The pay slips are made available online immediately. This helps the employees to point out any differences and get it rectified instantly. The annual bonuses and the increments of individual employees are processed efficiently.

Reduced pressure

The process of outsourcing the payroll activities reduces the pressure on the HR team. They would spend enough time to hire skilled employees who in turn would contribute to the profit of the company. The annual income reports with the clear specifications of the taxed to be paid are provided to the individual employees. The updated software used by these outsourced companies provide these complex reports in many customized formats.

The payroll outsourcing not only reduces the tension but also is a cost effective approach for the business. The cost that would be involved when an in-house payroll team can be diverted in improving other services like the customer support and sales teams.

Once the businesses choose the best payroll services Singapore there are , they can be rest assured that the complex activities in the payroll processing are executed to perfection. The employees would also have a expertized team who would assist immediately. The reports generated would be exhaustive and informative. With error free processing by reputed outsourced companies, the firms would, in turn, look to improve their business.

Apr 292016

The advantages of having a cohesive team in an organization are too many to ignore. On the other hand, companies are likely to be in a disadvantageous situation if they do not have a cohesive team. Therefore, it is imperative that companies take adequate steps for building teams. Let us look at some of the corporate team building activities .

1. Creating a garden

The company can depute teams to work in a nearby school or hospital so they can carry out gardening activities there. This will not only benefit these institutions but can help the team members understand the attitude and working style of the other members. Further, garden activities are so good that they enhance the health of the participants also since the members will have a chance to breathe the fresh oxygen let out by the trees and plants.

2. Hula Hooping

This is a fun activity and additionally, it can be a good physical exercise as well. It has been scientifically proved that such fun activities can reduce stress levels in employees because they may need good amount of oxygen while indulging in this activity. When employees cheer good performers, there will be a positive mood in the group that may go a long way in building a cohesive team.

3. Outdoor exercise sessions

Team members can schedule outdoor exercise sessions. This is also a good team building effort. While the team members can have enhanced health, they can get to understand each other better also. But team members should guard against creating peer pressure because the intention is to ease stress and not increase it.

4. Ropes Courses

Ropes courses are an excellent outdoor team building activity. Of course, members will find the activity challenging because they have to surmount obstacles in this activity for completing their goal. Not only that, members should understand the strengths as well as weakness of the other members and use them appropriately for accomplishing the goal. Once they achieve the goal, they are certain to appreciate the positive contribution of others which is good for team building.

5. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are a highly popular activity and this activity is a very good outdoor team building exercise. Since every member has to provide ideas in this activity, there is a lot of scope for developing a good relationship among members, thus paving way for forming a cohesive unit.

There are a number of other outdoor team building exercises but teams should discuss and choose the ones that suit them and that help them achieve their aim of improving the relationship among the members.

Apr 272016

Mandarin is an ancient language from an ancient land and civilization that has existed for over a couple of millennia before many other civilizations have existed. It is one of the most pristine and beautiful civilizations which brought to the world some of the most interesting and phenomenal inventions of its time. It is a culture that has been very elite and classical. Along with the culture and civilization the Chinese have also brought in the Chinese language, which is also known as Mandarin. It is always known to be one of the most complex languages in the world. It has also been gaining in reputation of late considering the kind of global relevance and growth the language has in today’s modern world. Even though China is far from its genesis and roots back in the day, it still holds great relevance in the modern age. Learning any language is always advantageous and useful for anyone, however, the uses id Mandarin are significant, they are listed as follows.


China is the second largest economy in the world. It is a powerhouse and has some of the major industries and businesses function out of that country. Business today is also very global in nature and China is the business hub of the eastern hemisphere of the globe. It is also one of the most central locations for all businesses. It is one of the best places for investments, and in order to carry out business in the region it is always best to know the local language which could alleviate many of your troubles while dealing in day to day business.


China is also one of the most powerful nations in the world. It has one of the most powerful nuclear arsenal and is also the nation with the largest army in the world. The economic rise of China has elicited the rise in Chinese global power and has also strengthened the Chinese geo-political position in the world. Mandarin is thus, a very useful language to know, especially in the sphere of diplomacy.


Some of the foremost scholars in various spheres have all originated from China. Even today, China is the best place to learn and understand history. It is very useful to take up Mandarin classes in Singapore in this case in order to understand not only the culture, but to also learn about the sophisticated culture and history.